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About Us

RGV Building Specialties started with a passion of providing specialty insulation products, service and installation. “Doing it right” the first time means cutting no corners, using the best quality products, and offering top industry quality and craftsmanship.

Having been in business since 2018, we have quickly grown to be the premier distributor and preffered installer of specialty insulation, products, and services.

Our dedicated team of hard working professionals are trained to the highest degree in safety, industry standards, and trends.


Commercial roofing insulation foam service and installation
Silicone Roof Coating for commercial and residential roofs

Our History

From the start we believe having the best quality service and product is the what produces the best results.

Whether it is for residential or commercial use, having the best quality products and equipment is what we strive for. 

Therefore, from our staff, training, maintenance, repair technicians, customer support, and sales, we have always strived to perform to the best of our abilities.


Why Choose Us

Best Pricing

We offer the best pricing structure to save you money while giving you better quality product and service.

Superior quality

Our products and services are sourced from top industry providers.

Best Service

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Before, during, and after we will always be one phone call away.

Warranty & Craftsmanship

Unparalleled warranty and craftsmanship

RGV Specialties truly values the trust you place upon us by doing business with us. Starting with the first phone call, our goal is to provide you with the following unparalleled qualities before, during, and after your transaction.

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Get to know us

There’s a reason why we say our service comes 2nd to NONE! And videos don’t lie 😎 We had the pleasure to work on a box truck build all the way from Colorado, customer got here a little after 10am and by 7pm our elite team had it completed and ready to spray foam! Less than NINE HOURS 🤯 Enjoy! #sprayfoam #SprayFoamInsulation #sprayfoamworldwide #insulation #insulationcontractors #insulationfoam #polyurethane #polyurethanefoam #winco #graco #gracosprayer ...

Don’t over pay for foam or equipment! We’ll get you the best service, pricing, AND equipment for all your spray foam needs!! Give us a call or send us a message letting us know what you need. We are your One Stop Shop your Spray Foam Headquarters! 👍🏻 #sprayfoam #sprayfoaminsulation #sprayfoamworldwide #sprayfoamlife #insulation #insulationcontractors #insulationfoam #contractor #polyurethane #polyurethanefoam #accufoam #upc ...

Getting started on a new box truck build for a customer all the way from Colorado! Told him we could get all his equipment installed for him and ready to spray foam within 24 hour time period! Stay tuned!! 🤠 ...

“Before” and “After” on this incredible 53’ Monster Rig 🤩 Our biggest and baddest custom spray foam rig build we’ve ever done to date! Our team killed it and within a 7 day span 🤯 Our service comes second to NONE!!! #sprayfoam #sprayfoaminsulation #sprayfoamworldwide #sprayfoamlife #insulation #insulationcontractors #roofingcontractor #polyurethane #polyurethanefoam #graco #gracosprayer #gusmer ...

Sneak peak 👀😍 She’s ready!! Just adding some finishing touches…..stay tuned! #sprayfoam #sprayfoaminsulation #sprayfoamworldwide #sprayfoamlife #sprayfoamroofing #insulation #insulationcontractors #insulationfoam #graco #gracosprayer #gusmer ...

Stay tuned…..👀 She’s almost ready! ...

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